We Need To Bring Industry Back To The United States

Interchangeable Parts:The First industrial revolution in the USA was form (1820-1870) that is 50 years of growing industry, Eli Williams in 1789 has the idea to make interchangeable parts for the musket. If the parts were made by machine they could be assembled much quicker, therefore getting them on the market faster.In business quick money is good money, and that is exactly what this idea done for the musket industry. They now had a much faster way to generate revenue. This really took off during that second American industrial revolution.Time To Move To The City:As industry grew people were moving from the country to the cities. From this arose other issues, the first of which was overcrowding shortly followed by disease. Advances were made in agriculture also including better machines and equipment. This helped to drive industry in new directions.The architecture had a boom due to the fact that the cities were in need of new designs for homes for people to live in. Due to the growth in industry business building were in need of some new ides also, and this led to a boom in the industry.Communications Industry Boom:With the rapid growth of the United States we needed better, and more reliable ways to communicate with other people now. This drove the communications industry to move in to the future. In 1844 Samuel F. B. Morse created a device called the telegraph.The telegraph was the precursor to the telephone. It was the talk of the town at the time, if you pay attention while driving through the state where I live you can still fine telegraph lines throughout the state, basically it worked by sending an electric pulse across a wire to another city, or state.Which was much faster then mail for important messages that had to get there quickly.Transportation Industry:Back in the day all we had were dirt roads, until the Cumberland road was built in 1811, this was the first national road. It was eventually integrated into interstate 40. Obviously this made it much easier for people to get around through the country.River Transportation:Rivers were getting an upgrade also with an invention by Robert Fulton called the steam boat. This made it much more efficient for people to be transported by river through the country, and revolutionized and entire industry.This was all made possible by a man named James Watts, who created the first reliable steam engine.The Erie canal created a route to the Atlantic Ocean, and to the great lakes. This helped to grow the economy of New York City a a great trading center.When was the last time that you witnessed the USA making any huge advances like these, that didn’t get stolen by some other country or simply an idea that generated huge growth of one industry or another?We need this to happen again if we are hoping to save our country. Congress simply throwing more borrowed money at the problem will no help. The federal government handing out more money, and freebies to bums, and illegal immigrants will not help.Only good old American know how, and some blood, sweat and tears will fix this issue. We simply need to bring industry back to this country if we want to save it.